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What is the SMSA Memorial Fund?

The SMSA Memorial Fund was created to give motorcycle safety professionals and others interested in motorcycle safety the opportunity to recognize a passing friend and/or colleague


When was this fund created?

The Memorial Fund, created in 2008, discussed and approved by the SMSA Executive Committee during their March 2008 Executive Committee meeting


What are the funds used for?

Memorial funds can be used for motorcycle safety efforts including but not limited to sponsoring breaks or events at the annual SMSA National Conference.  The use of these funds is at the discretion of the SMSA Executive Committee.  Events sponsored in full or in part with memorial funds will be recognized with appropriate signage or recognition in our membership communications.  In addition, all memorial fund donations will be listed on the SMSA website.


List of Memorial Fund Donations


To make a donation, complete this form and submit to the SMSA office.

Name:  _________________________________________________________

Address:  _______________________________________________________

City:  _____________________State:  _____________ Zip:  _______________

Email address:  __________________________________________________

Donation Amount:  $_______________________________________________

Donation made in Memory of:  _______________________________________



By my signature below, I give SMSA permission to post my name and the name I have donated in memory of on their website:






Please make check payable to SMSA and mail to the following address:

SMSA Business Office
1434 Trim Tree Road
Indiana, Pa. 15701







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