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The SMSA Awards Program consists of 4 Annual Awards

The SMSA Outstanding Contribution Award honors an individual or group in recognition of their dedication, commitment and contribution to motorcycle safety and who have made a positive impact on the national, state or local level.



Roberta “Bobbie” Carlson has been an active contributor in the field of motorcycle safety and rider education for over 30 years. She has worked for Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Millersville University of Pennsylvania, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, BMT Planners and Designers, Cape Fox and Total Control, Inc. in the field of rider education, among other quality organizations in her early carrier.


She has worked with State and Military programs and has tirelessly promoted and lived motorcycle safety and rider education at the local, state and national levels.

Bobbie has been a strong supporter of national initiatives and has participated in many national motorcycle safety efforts.
She has been a strong supporter and promoted the value of SMSA for decades and served three two-year terms as the Supporting Member Representative to the SMSA Executive Committee.


She has participated and contributed greatly to the SMSA committees and conference host committee. She is dependable and always provides suggestions.

For her decades of dedication and service to the motorcycle safety community and SMSA, Ms. Roberta Carlson was awarded the 2020 SMSA Outstanding Contribution Award.




The SMSA Outstanding State Member Award recognizes a state with a comprehensive state motorcycle safety program (NHTSA Highway Safety Program Guideline No. 3 – Motorcycle Safety Program) whose implemented program goals and strategies were successful, effective and can serve as best practice guidelines for other states. Results must be measurable and state applications will be evaluated based on their program accomplishments, independent of program size and funding.



The SMSA Outstanding Individual Member Award recognizes individuals who through their dedication, commitment and contribution to motorcycle safety have made a positive impact on motorcycle safety at the national, state or local level.



The SMSA Outstanding Supporting Member Award recognizes supporting members who through their dedication, commitment and contribution to motorcycle safety have made a positive impact on the national, state or local level.




SkidCar System, Inc. (SkidBike) has been an active Supporting Member of SMSA for many years. SkidCar Systems, Inc. provides innovative technology for driver and motorcycle training. Unlike other programs, which merely simulate experiences to develop a driver's motor skills, The SKIDCAR/SKIDBIKE SYSTEM allows drivers and riders to experience real-life control issues, and teaches them techniques that help them maintain control.


Dane and Lisa Pitarresi entered into the SKIDCAR/SKIDBIKE business in 1995. Since then, they have attended numerous SMSA Annual Conferences and have transported a SkidBike with them to provide interactive events each year. In addition to their contribution to SMSA Conferences, they provide special training for police agencies and many others.


Dane and Lisa also conduct their own Bi-Annual Interactive Conferences held in Las Vegas. These events include participants and presenters nationwide and international.


This organization plays an important role in the advancement of motorcycle technologies and education.

For their dedication, commitment, and contributions to motorcycle safety, SKIDCAR/SKIDBIKE was awarded the 2020 SMSA Outstanding Supporting Member Award.




Past Awards


2012 Outstanding State Award
Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program
2013 Outstanding State Award
Florida State Safety Office
2013 Outstanding Contribution Award Recipient
Stacey “Ax” Axmaker, Idaho STAR Program
2013 Award of Appreciation
Michael Jordon
2014 State Award Recipient
Oregon Dept. of Trasportation
2014 Outstanding Contribution Award Recipient
Andy Krajewski
2014 Awards of Appreciation
Maryland MVA
2014 Outstanding Individual Award
Keith Lindgren
2014 Outstanding Supporting Member
Motorcycle Safety League of Virginia
SMSA Lifetime Achievement Award
Andy Krajewski
2015 State Award
Tennessee Department of Safety
2015 Outstanding Contribution Recipient
Rick Kiley
2015 Outstanding Supporting Member Award
Gold Wing Road Riders Association
2016 Outstanding Contribution Award
Steve Garets
2016 Outstanding Individual Award
Roger Hamner
2017 Outstanding Individual Award
Sara Altieri
2018 Outstanding Individual Member Award
Nick Davolt
2019 Outstanding Contribution Award
Janice Bagley
2019 Outstanding Individual Award

Chanyoung Lee, Ph.D.

2019 Outstanding State Member Award

California Highway Patrol

2019 Outstanding Supporting Member
Harley-Davidson Riding Academy





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