National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators




Sunshine Beer – SMSA Chairperson

Sunshine Beer is the Director of the Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program. She has been involved in motorcycle safety and rider education since 2003 as an instructor, mentor instructor, instructor trainer, and program administrator. Sunshine served as the STAR Program’s Training Manager from 2008 to January of 2015 before being promoted to the program’s director. Sunshine is an active member of Idaho’s State Highway Safety Plan Motorcycle Safety Partners focus group and recently accepted an invitation to serve on the Idaho Traffic Safety Commission.

Sunshine has been a voting member of the SMSA for several years and served on the SMSA’s Executive Committee (EC) for two years as the Western Region Representative and EC Secretary. During her term on the EC, she played an active role in driving many positive changes within the organization, including negotiating the hiring of Highway Safety Services, LLC and Brett Robinson to manage to the SMSA. Additionally, Sunshine led the Bylaws Committee that drafted the current version of bylaws which allow greater inclusivity and a voice for supporting and individual members.

Sunshine is the co-author of several of STAR’s eight courses and can also be credited with helping Idaho STAR to become one of only two basic rider training programs to be formally evaluated and recognized by the SMSA as meeting the NHTSA Model National Standards for Entry-level Motorcycle Rider Training. Sunshine has also created and delivered leadership and professional development workshops and training seminars for a wide range of audiences both at the local and national levels.

Sunshine’s goals are to lead others to knowledge, encourage thought and action, inspire excellence, and change the world and save lives, one motorcycle rider at a time. Her background as an instructor, trainer, program administrator, and former EC member gives her the broad perspective on motorcycle safety and the comprehensive skill set of a leader and expert in the industry.

Paul Graves - Secretary and Eastern Representative
Paul Graves, SMSA Eastern Region Representative, has been an avid motorcyclist since graduating from high school 1975. In 1992 he became an MSF certified Instructor/RiderCoach and worked as an instructor for the Vermont DMV Rider Education Program on a part-time basis until becoming the State Program Coordinator in 2002. In the fall of 2002, Mr. Graves became certified as Vermont's first RiderCoach Trainer. Mr. Graves has worked with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) developing the Rider Skill Test (RST) and recently worked with MSF to integrate the RST into the BRC 2014 evaluation.


Edith Peters- SMSA Treasurer and Member At Large

Edith Peters  was a motorcycle officer assigned to the traffic unit and traffic homicide unit for 6 years while working as a Coral Springs Police Officer in South Florida. It was there that she worked her first fatal Motorcycle crash and began taking motorcycle safety more seriously. After retiring in 2011, she began a career at the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) as the motorcycle safety program manager. As the program manager she is responsible for leading Florida’s Motorcycle Coalition, educating Florida’s motorcyclist on safety and educating other Motorists about sharing the road. She works closely with the Florida Department of Motor vehicles who houses the rider training program in Florida (FRTP) and other motorcycle safety partners with the goal of making Florida roads safer for motorcyclists.

Ray Pierce - Vice-Chairperson & Member at Large
Ray Pierce was trained as an instructor in 1990. In 1998 motorcycle safety became his full time profession.  Contributions of note include writing and field testing curricula and QA programs, current member of the SMSA Motorcycle Safety Programs Committee, former member of the SMSA EC, member of the TWG that created the Model National Administrative Standards for Motorcycle Rider Training Programs.


Bobbie Carlson - Supporting Member Representative
Bobbie Carlson started her career in Motorcycle Safety by implementing a Motorcycle Safety Program into a high school in Pennsylvania.  She then moved into management of State Motorcycle Safety Programs.  She became the State Coordinator in Pennsylvania, on the staff of Millersville University.  Bobbie went from PA to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation in CA where she managed the Training Standards Department and the Train-the-Trainer Team, as well as working on the team that field tested and rolled out the BRC.  From MSF, Bobbie moved back East to work with federal contractors to provide traffic and motorcycle safety training for the Military Services.  For Cape Fox Professional Services, she rolled out a traffic and motorcycle training program in Europe.  She then returned full circle to State Program Management in Pennsylvania, still under Cape Fox.  She is now serving as the Program Manager of the CMSP in CA, working for Total Control Training.  She also works as the Deputy PM, Southwest, of the Navy Traffic and Motorcycle Safety Program.  Bobbie attributes her growth, development and change in perspective on Motorcycle Safety to being part of a team that provided motorcycle training to our warfighters. 

Chuck Stiteler – Central Region Representative
Chuck Stiteler has 35 years in marketing, sales, brand management, budgeting, corporate innovation training, performance standards and contract negotiation.  Chuck has 27 years as motorcycle instructor and 8 years as Lead Trainer in Ohio. In addition to training, he has provided program structure analysis and deployment analysis and ROI of various initiatives.

Chuck is in his third year as state coordinator for Ohio. His focus is on building trade alliances, instructor recruitment, budget analysis, grant writing, system structure, accident analysis, and  new curricula design and implementation. Chuck is currently serving as SMSA - Member at Large – Central Region and also as an SMSA Executive Committee Liaison on the SMSA Motorcycle Safety Programs Committee.
­­­­­­­­­­Education:  B.S. Marketing, Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio 1985, B.S. Business, Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio 1985, Master Leadership Development, Organizational Structure and Design, Human Resource Development, Xavier University Cincinnati, Ohio  2008.


Larry Starkey – Western Region Representative

Larry Starkey is the California Motorcyclist Safety Program’s statewide Coordinator and a Sergeant with the California Highway Patrol. Larry has served as a Highway Patrolman since 2002 and has previously worked in the Monterey are as a CHP Motorcycle Officer from 2003-2010, during which time he rode approximately 300,000 collision-free enforcement miles. During this time, Larry also rode as a Protective Services Detail Motor Officer providing motorcade services to foreign and national dignitaries, including presidents and multiple motorcades for the Reagan funeral in southern California.

In 2010, Larry was assigned to the California Highway Patrol Academy as an instructor. In 2011, Larry worked as an Academy motorcycle instructor and Demonstration rider for the Academy’s Motorcycle Enforcement Training Program and the Certified Motorcycle Training Office Program where he trained new motorcycle officers and sergeants in the safe and proficient operation of enforcement motorcycles.

Larry is the co-lead on the Strategic Highway Safety Plan’s Motorcycle Challenge Area.
Larry has been a motorcyclist most of his life, beginning with dirt bikes as a child and became licensed in the state of California at the age of 16 when he began riding his street bike to high school.

Chad Teachout -  Member at Large
Chad Teachout has been the motorcycle program coordinator for MI’s office of highway safety planning since 2012.  In that time he has been an active participant in the SMSA at conferences and on our subcommittees.  Chad spear headed creative initiatives in Michigan to address the low endorsement rate (Shadow Rider), the low use of high visibility gear (vest giveaway) diminished law enforcement interaction with motorcyclists (LEAK) and the 2016 NHTSA assessment of MI’s comprehensive program.  As a certified contractor and a MSF certified rider coach he brings a positive attitude, sharp mind and a sense of humor to the table.  Chad is always putting his hand out to bring more people to the table to build a better understanding of the challenges facing the traffic safety community.

Jay Jackson – Individual Members’ Representative

In the spring of 1986, Jay became a motorcycle safety instructor and his future in rider education started in earnest. Over the next 10 years, he served as a site coordinator/administrator and became a motorcycle license examiner. In 1996, he was asked by ABATE of Indiana to become the State Director of their Motorcycle Safety Division (a title he holds to this date). Jay left a lucrative and prestigious position as administrator for a large medical practice, originally thinking that it would be a two to three year sabbatical. 20 years later, he's still there.

Under his direction, the program quickly expanded and more than doubled the number of sites, ranges and riders trained. With about 7,000 students enrolled annually, this was larger than a number of state programs.
Jay became certified as a Chief Instructor by the MSF in 2000 and has conducted and assisted in numerous training courses in several states. He also served on the Advisory Committee for the Indiana Motorcycle Operator Safety Education Program for many years.
Jay has attended countless regional, national, and international meetings and conferences related to motorcycling and motorcycle safety. He has developed an extensive network of friends that are motorcycle safety professionals. He maintains regular contact with program coordinators from several states, motorcycle safety instructors/rider coaches nationwide, numerous governmental agencies, the motorcycle industry and countless motorcycle groups, clubs and organizations (and of course, individual riders).

Bruce Biondo - Ex-Officio
Bruce has been the  Program Manager of Virginia Rider Training Program at Virginia Office of Highway Safety since 1988.  As the Manager of the program he is responsible for all aspects of the Rider Training Program working with grants, law enforcement, crash data and licensing.

Bruce was trained as instructor in 1978.  From 1978 to 1983 he was an motorcycle training coordinator for Northeastern Illinois University, in summer of 1983 moved to Northern Illinois University as the assistant director of the motorcycle safety program, December of 1988 moved to Virginia and became program director of the Virginia Rider Training Program. He has a B.S. in Safety Education from University  of Wisconsin Whitewater.