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Burlington, Vermont – September 27 – 30, 2017

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2013 SMSA Summit



2012 SMSA Annual Business Meeting

2012 SMSA State of the Association

2012 SMSA Budget

HSS 2013 Management Proposal - Brett Robinson


2012 SMSA Professional Developmental Workshop

SMSA Professional Developmental Workshop


2012 SMSA Summit Presentations

Measuring the Danger of Driving Motorcycles and the Effectiveness
of Motorcycle Safety Programs in the USA - Joseph Elliott

The "You Can't Fix Stupid" Dilemma - Stacey Axmaker

Behavior Modification - Is it possible to modify student behavior
with motorcycle training - Roberta Carlson

AAMVA Motorcycle Safety Projects - Michael R. Calvin

Customer Service in Rider Training - Phil Sause

A Comprehensive Approach to Motorcycle Safety - Andy Krajewski & Brett Robinson

Motorcycle License Endorsements for the Military - Peter J. Hill

Military Update on Motorcycle Safety - Peter J. Hill

Motorcycle safety in the US: Where are we? - Eric R. Teoh

Research and Data Collection to Measure and Evaluate What We Do - Cindy Burch

Motorcycle Operator Manual (MOM) and Knowledge Test Question Database - Karen Morton